Jeopardizing means putting someone or something in danger situation/loss/harm.

And Jeopardizing in retirement is putting retirement in danger with poor life expectancy

Key compoent to live happy retirement is building happy wealth so it will help you until death comes

As per reports from TIAA institute and GWU, When it comes to life expectancy, more than half of American adults (53%) "work with inaccurate information."

 This will  may cause that many americans could put their retirement in jeopardizing

AS per survey there are four ways to check life expectancy rate after retirement

Survey also says that men can live more 22 years and women can live 25 more when they will reach 60

2021 Survey of Household Economics and Decision-making says One-fourth of non-retired adults have no retirement savings.

Only 40% of non-retirees think their retirement savings are on track.

Nearly 60% of non-retirees with retirement saving accounts report low levels of comfort in investment