We often get obsessed and fall inlove of flowers, but these flowers can fall you by its fragrance

Hydrangea Hydrangeas are with tightly packed petals in bright colors blooms during the spring and summer. They're said to have a scent similar to jasmine

Peony Peony flowers grow in the dark green shrubs in spring and summer. They have beautiful and sweet-smelling that it's worth the effort!

Lily of the valley The bell-like flowers of the lily of the valley bloom in spring and give off a sweet floral fragrance that will make your mind calm if they are in your garden. They have white or pink colors.

Gillyflower The charmingly named gillyflower blooms during the summer and fall. With white, pink, mauve, or violet color, they often use in perfumes for sweet and spicy fragrance

Freesia Freesias are a popular flower in European gardens. Their fruity scent and wide color range make them attractive to all.

Jasmine Jasmine is popularly known in the world for there fragrance. They bloom in night rather than day.

Clary sage Clary sage can be white, pink, or purple, and blooms in late spring over wide crinkly leaves. This flower is used in making perfumes

Chocolate vine As per name they have Chocolate smell and grow dark purple flowers.

Ylang-ylang Native to forest of Asia and Australia, these flower plants knows as perfume tree

Lavender This is populary used in scented products. Once planted, it doesnt need to take much care as it also need less water.