What is Pretzel yoga pose

A pretzel is a delicious food that resembles a twisted roll of bread and is popular in Western nations. The body form is almost identical to this delectable, thus the name.

Pretzel Twist Pose is a close mix of Ardha Ananda Balasana with an upper body twist that keeps the shoulders moving while supine.

Teens would love this unique yoga stance while working on their joints to increase flexibility and stability.

Pretzel Twist Pose is a particularly creative yoga pose - a mental idea translated onto the mat.

Pretzel Twist Pose is a hip opener, and because of its nature, it may be used in yin yoga to treat the deeper tendons and fascia of the hips, pelvis, and shoulders.

Variations of the yoga pose Pretzel Twist Pose with base pose as Side Lying Corpse Pose (Parsva Savasana).

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