According to a recent poll, President Joe Biden's popularity significantly increased in February, while Donald Trump's put down

The poll was sponsored by NPR and PBS News Hour

Marist Poll conducted a poll 1352 American adults between February 13 and February 16 and found that Biden had a 46% overall approval rating.

NPR's Domenico montanaro says thats a good news for biden for 46%, highest since last march

But this is lowest that biden's last record of 49%

In last year July, he drop to 36% because of unpopularity among  independents and democrat's unenthusiasm

He is fighting on every issue against republicans since last november

This changes his move and pick him up to 46%

According to Gains, the President observed a modest increase in his support among independents, rising from 32% to 36%

Though this may not be a good sign for Biden.

We will see in 2024 who will elected for president