Federal Deposit Insurance Corp can save $250,000 but excess than this will not covered

As of now, in any U.S. bank, accounts with balances up to $250,000 a person are protected.

If you have more than $250,000 in bank, then you should follow these ways to

1. Open Multiple accounts in banks, there are no limits to the number of accounts an individual can open

Theoretically, customers could open 200 accounts at 200 different banks to receive $50 million in insurance.

2. Add beneficiaries to your accounts

FDIC insurance covers upto $250,000 for each unique beneficiary

3. Deposit swapping

Deposit swapping networks, like IntraFi Network LLC, can secure balances up to $150 million by partnering with multiple banks to divide large deposits into totals below the federal insurance cap.

4. Credit unions

You can add your money to Credit unions, they are non-profit financial institute alternative to commercial banks

5. Bonds

Bond are comes under regulation of Federal govt so it has low risk.