How to Do Pigeon Pose in Yoga

The pigeon position is a hip-opening forward bend. The pigeon pose has three major variations, each of which builds on the one before it.

Pigeon pose is a hip opener and forward bend pose that stretches your thighs, groin, back, piriformis, and psoas.

How to do  Pigeon Pose

Bend your right knee and bring that leg forward 

Your left leg should be slid back with your toes pointed and your heel pointed upward

Bring your legs closer together to bind your hips

If you need put some support under your right buttock if necessary to keep your hips level

Come onto your fingertips as you inhale, lengthen your spine, draw your navel in, and open your chest

Exhale and come onto your fingertips while stretching your spine, drawing your navel in, and opening your chest

Stay for 5 breaths or longer as you comfortable with.

Try to relax the pressure in your right hip with each exhalation.

To exit the posture, push back with your hands, raise your hips, and bring your leg back to all fours. Rep on the other side.

Targeted :  Hip Opener

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