Guided meditation for anxiety

Meditation for anxiety is a distinct, guided experience that helps us to practise being more present while also providing a strategy to deal with the reality that is our busy and active mind.

Guided meditation for anxiety allows us to observe our thoughts and feelings objectively.

Step-by-step guided meditation for anxiety

Find a comfy place first. It might be a chair or a floor cushion.

Take a few deep breaths while keeping your eyes open. In and out through the nose and mouth.

Close your eyes slowly after 5 or 6 deep breaths.

Begin to pay attention to bodily sensations and locations of touch. Take note of how your legs and back are in contact with the chair. Take note of your feet on the floor. Take a look at your arms and hands on your lap.

Allow a minute or two for your attention to be drawn here.

Bring your focus back to the breath. Begin to pay attention to each breath as it passes, as well as the rising and falling feeling of each breath.

Your wind may start to stray while you do this. You could even find yourself so engrossed in your thoughts that you forget you were attempting to meditate in the first place.

When you sense your mind wandering, gently bring it back to the breath.

Any sensations of anxiety or stress that try to divert your focus away from the breath should be noted.