Easy Chair yoga for lower back pain with 5 benefits

Here are some things you can do if your low back is aching. Let’s look at this article about Chair yoga for lower back pain. so we’ll do this sitting, so choose a chair that’s comfy for you. Make careful to lock the chair if it has wheels. To begin, make sure you’re steady and sitting tall on your chair.

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Chair yoga for lower back pain

Feel your low back and the region around your hips.

Take note of how they feel. Close your eyes for a bit, take a few calm breaths, letting your abdomen move freely with your breath, practice that low and slow breath, and see if there’s anything you need to do to modify your posture, to become 5 to 10% more comfortable.

Then, with your hands down to your knees, start drawing little circles with your body.

As a result, the head moves in tandem with the rest of the spine.

If this causes discomfort or vertigo, I can make those circles a bit bigger each time I go around.

If you want to skip this section, do it in a way that is comfortable for you.

However, if you are at ease, you may perform some quite large circles coming down and around, back and around to inhale and exhale down and around. Then switch directions.

And start those rings large, then spiral them in, getting smaller each time you go around. Eventually, you’ll be performing very little circles and centering and pausing.

Feel the ensuing whirling activity within. Take a deep breath in, then a deep breath out. And your hands will fall to your knees. And you’re just going to cram your low tummy in.

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So a little mini-rounding of the spine here, and then slide your hands back, drive your ribs forward, your chest opens forward, and you’re arching your back a little bit and then rounding the spine. A little arching.

Focusing more on arching activities because that’s what so many of us need, but dropping in between. Then let’s keep that arching movement going.

As a result, the shoulders are pushed back and the chest is thrust forward. Chin is slightly raised, just barely. Take note of how this feels.

Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. Then return to centre to a more neutral spine and execute a side stretch here. So, if your chair has arms, you may use one hand to grasp onto the arm of your chair, the base of your chair, or your thigh, whichever is most comfortable for you.

So one hand comes down, another comes up, and it begins on your shoulder. Take note of how that feels.

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As you bend over into a side stretch on this side, your shoulders are released down, and you may bring your arm up and over if it feels comfortable.

You can gaze up or stay in any of the variants in between if it feels comfortable for your neck. Take a deep breath in and envision your head exploding up and out to the side.

So you have linkages in your spine that lead back to your core. We’ll move in the opposite direction if you put your hand down on the other side. So, leaning over, place your hand on your shoulder and raise it up, then gaze up. Notice what feels correct for you. Drop your shoulders and relax your jaw.

Another big breath, with a sense of your spine stretching. It’s not so much how much you go over as it is stretching up and out and then returning to the centre, lingering here in the middle. Take note of the outcomes and experiences.

Sit as tall as you can and raise your arms; this may help you become a bit taller. Turn to one side; it doesn’t matter which, and this is how far you will turn. Turn as far as your muscles will allow.

And then, if you have a chair arm and your hand is resting on your thigh or the base of the chair, use your hands to press down to rise up. So you’re not utilising them to go deeper into the twist, but rather to turn your head farther into it.

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Take a complete breath here, standing taller, and then lift your arms back up, returning to the centre. We’ll go to the other side, turn to the other side as much as your muscles will allow, and then lower your arms.

Press down to rise up a little amount, maintaining your shoulders free of any extra strain, and then turn your body.

Concentrate on increasing the length of your spine, especially on your inhales. One more breath here, then return to the middle, lifting and lowering the arms.

Take a deep breath here. Consider how your back feels, and then expand your legs slightly. And you’re going to lean forward a little bit, or you could come down to your forearms, perhaps broadening your legs a little more to be able to accomplish this.

And if this is all you want to do, you may drop your head and relax, wriggle your hips a little bit here. Some people may feel at relaxed enough to let go and fall to the ground. Just a thought. Find a spot that feels good for you and relax into it.

Take note of your breathing. Then move your hands up your thigh until you’re sitting. And I ask you to do whatever wiggles or movements that feel good for you before settling down for a few moments of meditation to reap the benefits.

Sit at a position that is comfortable for you while remaining as tall as possible. You are free to place a cushion behind your lower back.

Or whatever enables you to relax a little more when you notice your breath once again. Consider how your body feels as you press your feet into the ground and your head rises. Low and slow breathing, allowing your abdomen to move freely with your breath

Feel your mouth slump and your eyes close. Finding a few moments of peace. Recognizing the inner serenity that has always existed inside you.

Feeling the vitality of your breath, Gently open your eyes, establishing this tall posture in your muscle memory to sit this way more during the day.

What are the 5 benefits of chair yoga?

  • Increased adaptability.
  • More than just yoga requires the capacity to bend, twist, stretch, and move freely.
    Strength has improved.
  • Using your muscles to execute yoga poses increases your strength. Proprioception has improved.
  • Stress has been reduced.
  • Pain has been reduced.
  • Pain Management Skills Have Improved…
  • Sleep better.

Is chair yoga good for lower back pain?

Pose on a Revolved Chair (Parivrtta Utkatasana Chair)

Some hip and upper back twists can assist stretch the lower back spine and middle back. As they stretch, these muscles will assist open up, boosting flexibility and strength.

What type of yoga is best for lower back pain?

Iyengar yoga is frequently a beneficial style of yoga for those with back pain or neck discomfort because of this attention to detail and the adjustment of postures.

Watch video also to visual

Thank you so much and be well.

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